Thermal water

Thermal water

Our bath’s thermal water rises to the surface from 2200 m deep, it is 76 °C-thermal water with low toughness, rich in alkali hydrogen carbonates – Our goverment (Social Welfare) declared it as medicinal waters(1994 3/Gyf-Decision).

Mineral content of a substance litre 2190,525 mg. This water with a curative effect lays the foundations of the town`s more than 75 years bath traditions. Our therapeutic section not only takes advantage of the thermal and chemistry characteristic of the water, since years onto a specialist’s indication with the withdrawal of the Erzsébet Hospital health centre’s specialists underwater gymnastics, tangentoros treatments and a massage works in our bath, like this medical- and the efficient device of our thermal water for the local medical therapy and rehabilitation.

"Excellency in bath cures, primarily applicable in the treatment of organ locomotion illnesses. The spine and all the neighbouring joints degenerative (abrasion) differences (pl. knee-joint, hip-joint) prove to be efficient in its treatment."

rheumatologist, organ of locomotion rehabilitation specialist


"We proved the very good curative effect of the water with medical examinations inflammatory and degenerative in case of organ of locomotion sicknesses."

rheumatologist academic specialisation head physician


"The water of the bath has proved to have a good effect on the organs of locomotion sicknesses."

head physician


In 1 litres of Hódmezővásárhely’s Bath qualified thermal water the relieved constituents mg-ban its granted quantity
Potassium K+ 13
Natrium Na+ 577
Ammonium NH.4+ 10,48
Calcium Ca2+ 6
Magnesium Mg2+ 2,2
Iron Fe2+ 0,07
Manganese Mn2+ 0,06
Lithium Li+ not detectable
Amount of Cations: 608,81
Nitrate NO3- 8,3
Nitrite NO2- not detectable
Chloride Cl 32,5
Bromide Br - 0,05
Iodide 0,075
Fluroid F- 2,66
Sulphate SO42- not detectable
Bicarbonate HCO3- 1537,2
Sulphide S2- 0,26
Total Phosphate PO43- 0,67
Amount of Anions: 1581,715
Metaboric Acid HBO2 9,2
Metasilicic Acid H2SiO3 63
Carbon Dioxide CO2 81,9
Dissolved Oxygen O2 2
Total: 2190,525
Comment: to consider, 2190,525 mg/l thermal water with mineral substance content